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Slowly all the building blocks for the BeaconTNG project are getting together. The code is running now on the new CPU and the TCP/IP
stack is working.  With support of YO2LIO who wrote some excellent libraries for the Mikroe compilers I implemented a Telnet server.
Function is there, now I have to implement features for the CLI. All building blocks are now moved to 3.3V supply. For that I had to reduce
the master clock from 30MHz to 20MHz, as the AD9851 only supports 20.83MHz at 3.3V.

·         The ICSP interface of the CPU will move to a pin head connector inside the box as it will not be needed by the user. Software updates
      can be done by a TFTP bootloader via Ethernet.
·         The GPS receiver will have two external connectors for the 1pps signal and an GPS oscillator output. This way the unit can be used in 
      the shack as a frequency reference when it is not in use as a beacon.
·         There will be a slot for a future option module. This could be a VLF amplifier, a frequency multiplier or something I can't think of yet. 
      The DDS source signal, SPI Bus and some of the spare I/Os will be available to this slot.
·         An antenna switch controller will be integrated with 8 opto-isolated outputs. These can be used to switch antennas or external amplifiers.

Soon I will have the PCB layout ready and order the first sample. Comments and ideas are very welcome!

Find out more about the BeaconTNG procect here!

Stay tuned on the project.