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The hardware is ready! I have a bug free PCB and all system building blocks work fine.
I also got the first samples of the box with printed front and back pannels. It starts
looking like a real system!

There is still a lot of work to do with the software. The framework is done. There is
Telnet communication and all I/O's are tested and working. The CLI has its first 10
commands. A few more weeks and I will order the first lot of SMD populated PCB's.
While they are made I will write a quick assembly guide and then I need some early
birds to build the first kits ....

Here are the schematics:


power supply & management

GPS interface

LPF modules

preamp & PA

antenna switch I/O

DDS module

GPS module

display module

Find out more about the BeaconTNG procect here!

Stay tuned on the project.